House work


a film by Engeli Broberg

Golden Dawn Girls

A film by Håvard Bustnes

Balloon Wars

a film by Sissel Morell Dargis

Venus – Let’s talk about sex

A film by Mette Carla Albrecthsen & Lea Glob

How to Meet a Mermaid

A film by Coco Schrijber

War Dance

A film by Marie Suul Brobakke


We are a house of culture clashers, social movers and system shakers who question beliefs, challenge concepts and give voice to mental taboos in order to create insight and change.

We operate in a media world with blurred boundaries between fiction and documentaries, where traditional linear storytelling is being challenged, technology offers new possibilities, and well-known economic models are undergoing changes.

As an award-winning, international team of interdisciplinary background, covering documentary, new media and advertising, we are uniquely prepared to meet this reality.

What we do

  • Produce and develop documentary films
  • Produce and develop media experiences
  • Create impact and outreach campaigns
  • Broker partnerships between NGOs, brands and storytellers
  • Produce sustainable advertising / TV commercials and digital content
  • Represent internationally acclaimed non-fiction filmmakers
  • Consult in new media development and documentary film production

How we do it

We put story first, medium second, and produce all sorts of factual storytelling experiences: films, digital, on print, radio and through physical or digital installations.

We believe in the collective and that working with dedicated, fun and talented people results in outstanding and efficient work.

Our core value is sustainability and the use of resources at all levels, using all possibilities in new partnerships, new technology and communication tools.

Our goal is to create unique works of art of lasting quality which will be a part of carrying documentary storytelling into the future.

House Rules:

We make projects that matter.

Our method is tailor-made processes
as they manifest original results.

We create with audience
and impact in mind.

People in the house

Anna J Ljungmark

Co-founder/ creative producer/ new media strategist


Production manager
+45 26364670

Jesper Jack

Co-founder / creative producer
+45 31407520


Creative producer / digital strategist
+45 31766346


+45 53842874

Rosenborgshus, Aabenraa 29, 2 sal
1124 Copenhagen, Denmark