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Captain’s Heart

The Captain’s Heart is a fully storyboarded mixed animation, archive and character-driven documentary that takes audiences through the 20th century maritime history in an innovative way.

It is the drama of a man who navigates his ship through two World Wars, shipwrecks, terror, loneliness and longings. And who after 50 years at sea has to realize both his family and the world has changed.

Simon Bang’s grandfather Knud Goth was a strongly admired but also feared figure – both at sea and at home. A strong captain, who fought his way out of poverty by the means of violence and a strong will, and who paid a high prize alone at sea. Years after the death of the captain, Simon inherits his grandfather’s sea chest, and thus begins an adventure for Simon to find out who his much admired grandfather really was.

Drawn in by Simon’s thoughts, interviews with the captain’s daughters, inherited artefacts, ship models, letters, old articles, recordings and drawings we are taken on the life journey of the captain, but also through a part of Western History full of conflicts, wars and a new world order. We watch Knud Goth forced to sail for the Germans during the second World War. We see him go down with his ship alone in the cabin. We follow him travel the world at a time, where most people did not, while only seeing his wife and three kids every third year.

When the captain is finally forced to stop sailing, we see a man whose kids have moved away and whose violent and dictating world order no longer plays well with society. When his wife dies shortly after, the doctors tell him his heart has stopped working.

The captain is left with the choice of getting a mechanical heart in order to keep him alive – forced to face his history and the rest of his life alone – or to close his eyes and die.


Title: Captain’s Heart
Director: Simon Bang
Producer: Jesper Jack, Mathilde Schytz Marvit
Duration: 58/85
Delivery: Fall 2018