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Today, only men preach in mosques, but now a circle of progressive Muslims have opened the first mosque in Europe run by female imams.

This observational character-driven documentary tells the story of Femimam. Its members all share one conviction: they want to create an alternative to traditional mosques in which women and men alike, on equal terms, can seek advice and perform religious ceremonies.

The film follows Sherin Khankan and her colleagues in their effort to build a congregation of female Muslim renegades. Although being highly trained scholars, none of them know how to create a mosque and resort to a process of trial and error – often with a liberating, humorous approach, free from the severity often connected to Islam.

Since the mosque opened in August 2016 in Copenhagen the Femimam group has started re-reading Muslim customs like divorces, baptisms and marriages – also of an inter-religious nature – to suit Muslims born and / or living in Europe.

Documenting Femimam’s first year of existence, this film will examine their efforts and provide an insight into the duties of imams and the challenges facing them.

Impact Goal

With the film we aim to empower female leaders and initiatives within Islam, by bringing together a cross-sectorial community of policymakers, Islamic networks, scholars, NGO’s and foundations who share a vision of gender equality as fundamental to a progressive society.

The project has been selected for pitch at Nordisk Panorama and Goodpitch Europe 2017


Title: Femimam
Director: Marie Skovgaard
Producer: Jesper Jack
Outreach: Anna J. Ljungmark
Duration: 20/58/75
Formats: Short web doc, TV version, festival feature, podcast
Platforms:TV, Cinema, Web
Partners: DFI, DR, SVT, IKON/EO, NYTimes
Delivery: Spring 2018