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FLUX, the alternative universe on gender

Fluidity rules! Flux is a journey of self-discovery, and at the same time the growth of a new collective movement, which through its presence seeks to change the polarized discourse of the current gender debate.

Flux is an alternate universe that looks like ours but where gender is not given but negotiated. In Flux subculture is mainstream. People who identify as gender-fluid in one or more aspects of their lives are the majority, and people who are static and polarized are in minority. Nothing is believed to be definite and all questions have two or more answers.

Flux universe consists of three different layers. An interactive documentary, the heart of the universe, which aims at giving the users a challenge on an individual level, an online forum where the users have an collective experience and in real world events where the values of Flux are being manifested and shared.

The interactive documentary is a 15 minutes experience and re-playable for up to 120 minutes. A cutting edge project in the cross-field between documentary and game which can be watched in several different ways, each time personalized and adaptive to user’s individual behaviour.

Arriving to Flux you´re asked to perform a test to decide on your current gender shape, your avatar during the experience. Inside the universe you see a sea of gender shapes and you´re welcomed to visit them. Through guidance and your own choices personal stories, gender philosophies and secrets are gradually revealed to you. But there is a hidden plot. Flux is studying you as well and in the end your decisions and reactions will be interpreted in a way you would never have foreseen. When the experience is finalized you can either stay and explore some more, or engage in an online forum with other Fluxians.

The Online Forum is where you share your thoughts and experiences and/or meet people that you can create Real life events with. The visitors have either gone through the experience or others who share the values of Flux but who have entered the online community from another entering point.

Playful activism is the keystone of Flux and spreading out into the real by real life events world is therefore of great essence. This will manifest by parties (inspired by Burlesque parties), events and co-creations. The first wave will be in collaboration with partners of Flux, which also supports the outreach and distribution of the project.




Title: Flux
Director: Suvi Andrea Helminen
Producer: Anna J Ljungmark
Outreach: USA/Canada: John Bruce, Denmark: House of Real
Duration: Web experience 15 -120 minutes, shorts 5 minutes
Formats: Web documentary, Shorts, Art installations
Platforms:Web, social media, real-life events
Partners: DFI, Aarhus Interactive, Gender Advocacy Center, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Delivery: 2016