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Gabi just wants to be Gabi. A simple wish one would think, but as it turns out, it is not. Showing the perspective of a child that refuses to be put in a box, we follow Gabi from age eight to thirteen.

For Gabi, her way of being is perfectly natural. She is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to what she thinks is wrong with the world, and in particular, how there should be no differences between boys and girls. In school, she is sometimes teased for wearing boys underpants but overall she enjoys being there.

Gabi lives with her stepfather Thomas and her mother Tracy. The parents are loving and accepting of Gabi but balancing being supportive of Gabi and at the same time being protective, is a struggle and creates conflicts.

When Gabi is ten her first brother is born and, at the same time, Thomas loses his job. With Stockholm being expensive, the family decides to move to a small working class town, called Mora. Gabi struggles to be accepted in her new school and to be able to fit in, she starts to censor herself. But Gabi settles in. She finds new friends and new hobby – ice hockey.

At eleven puberty hits her. Her body starts to change and at the same time her second brother,Ted, is born. With two toddlers there is less room for her. Gabi is slowly pushed out of her safe childhood universe, facing a new body she is scared of having and a world she feels alienated from.

We will continue to follow Gabi until she is 13, having captured the rarely documented pre-teen years, ending the film as she starts a new chapter of her life- adolescence.


Title: GABI
Director: Engeli Broberg
Producer: Anna J Ljunmark, Jakob Eklund
Duration: 75/58
Delivery: winter 2020