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In My Father’s Hands

Director Sven Vinge  has marked himself as a director  with an outstanding talent for combining fiction and documentary, which is obvious in this remarkable rework of some of the autobiographical elements he used in his graduationfilm from the independent film school SUPER 16, called ANGELS IN THE SNOW which has run at numerous festivals.

Director Sven Vinge’s father, ceramic artist Niels Vinge, died in 2000, only 53 years old. He was found face down, dead and naked in the snow just a few kilometers from his home in the Danish countryside.

In the process of reconstructing scenes from his childhood with his alcoholic father, the director ​discovers boxes in his mother’s attic containing his late father’s possessions.
The boxes contain not only lost sketches, but also mysterious tape & video recordings, and hundreds of unsent letters that show an unknown side of his eccentric father.

Now begins a cinematic journey of discovery, where Sven in collaboration with his skeptical brother try to get closer to the father that he was always afraid of becoming.


Title: In My Father’s Hands
Director: Sven Vinge
Producer: Jesper Jack, Nadia Norgaard
Outreach: Mathilde Schytz Marvit
Duration: 76
Formats: Featurefilm
Platforms:Festivals, television
Partners: New Danish Screen / DFI
Delivery: Spring 2017