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Next Sommer

We were astounded by Alexander Linds graduation film about the two symbiotic twins Carl & Niels. Therefore we were thrilled to produce his first feature film and his follow-up NEXT SOMMER.

CPH:DOX nominated Next Sommer for NEXT WAVE AWARD 2017. Here is what they saw:

Nebulas, self-hypnosis and Bornholm’s caves bathed in red light and drone bass. A documentary about the painful relationship between parents and children are not a rarity, but Alexander Linds first feature film is. Rasmus and his father live on the Danish island of Bornholm. The father, who is trying to move on from a searching and tumultuous life, is suffering from depression, which the son is afraid of inheriting. Unless he reconciles himself with his father, who himself never did the same with his own father. Worn VHS tapes from the family’s past bear witness to the fact that weltschmerz is passed on from generation, unless you break the vicious circle in good time.

NEXT SUMMER combines the Nordic tradition of harsh family portraits with an expressive cinematic originality. Rather than distancing himself from the story Alexander Lind demonstrates that it is possible to relate both in a human and artistic way to the people whose lives you have taken on the responsibility of portraying.


Title: Next Sommer
Director: Alexander Lind
Producer: Jesper Jack, Julie Leerskov
Outreach: Mathilde Schytz Marvit
Platforms:TV, festivals
Partners: New Danish Screen, Obscura / Vertigo
Delivery: Premiered spring 2017