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As a young Syrian artist and activist, how do you pick up the threads of an old life and move forward when you are in exile? How do you get a sense of identity when the media portrays your country merely as a land of bloody conflicts, jihadist nests and victims?

Syriatypes is a transmedia project giving voice to the non-violent and equal rights minded men and women who took an active role in the revolution, and still have a story to tell. It is a platform developed by artists and activists for artists and activists, where you can engage in Syrian projects, meet the persons behind them and be part of creating the next. Meet Omar’s sarcastic and conceptual photographies from the camps in Lebanon, Alice’ brutal monster sculptures and Fadi’s video art where ants overturn the symbol of authority and many more.



Title: Syriatypes
Director: Marie Skovgaard
Producer: Anna J Ljungmark
Outreach: Anna J Ljungmark, Forat Al Hattab
Formats: Platform
Platforms:Mobile & Desktop versions
Partners: Kvinfo, IMS
Delivery: 2015