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Venus – Let’s talk about sex

It’s spring in Copenhagen as two female directors set out to investigate female desire, driven by questions raised from their own sexual experiences growing up. They invite 100 young Copenhagen women to reveal, in front of the camera, the complexity between what reason allows and what passion demands. The Directors want to make an erotic film based on the women’s own memories and thoughts. The auditioning women will be challenged to tell their stories and reconstruct some of their most erotic experiences. Together they venture on a fun, feminist, erotic exploration that challenges taboos and ideas of female desire as they decide to show and tell it all.


Title: Venus – Let’s talk about sex
Director: Mette Carla Albrecthsen & Lea Glob
Producer: Kirstine Barfod, Anna J Ljungmark, Julie Leerskov, Jesper Jack
Duration: +75 min, 52 min, 3 x 30 min.
Formats: Documentary, webisodes, book
Platforms:TV, cinema, web, paperbook
Partners: DRK, Faction Film, UR, SVT, DFI, NFTV
Delivery: Premiered 2016