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War Dance

Three wounded war veterans find themselves at the Royal Danish Theater. Henrik and Martin lost limbs while Jesper is struggling with PTSD.

Along with thirty of the worlds best ballet-dancers from the dance troupe Corpus, they tell their stories on stage, which will be a huge challenge, especially for the mentally fragile Jesper and the provocative director Christian Lollike.

War Dance portrays the unique meeting between the war’s gruesome reality and the Royal theatres poetic imagination. It is a meeting between broken body and perfect beauty. In spite of their contrasts the dancers and the soldiers come closer together in a soothing cohesion which will disappear when the soldiers must return to everyday life.


Title: War Dance
Director: Marie Suul Brobakke
Producer: Jesper Jack
Outreach: Veteran organisations, event screenings
Duration: 45
Formats: Television
Platforms:Festivals, television
Partners: Filmvaerkstedet, Det Kgl Teater, DRK
Delivery: premiered 2016